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I am so happy to be here

The World Peace Assembly in Romania was announced on 6th March, with little time to plan. A brilliant job has been done in effecting this assembly by Adela Herea, a Romanian TM teacher based in Bucharest, and Nicolae Stoian, the National Director of the TM Movement of Romania.

As this was an unexpected event, there is a great sense of collegiate collaboration and cooperation, as we have the use of a hotel on the Black Sea, which is on loan from a TM meditator at minimal cost. So the only cost to attendees is full board and lodging for euro30 per day. The rooms and facilities are perfectly adequate and above expectations, indeed very comfortable. As the staff are on winter holiday, it’s -2 to 5 degrees here at the moment, we are all taking responsibility for small chores here and there and we have drawn up a roster of little things that need to be done by everyone to make life comfortable for all. The roster is run by yours truly! Delegated to me so I can work off some karmic sins! Which means each evening I ask, beg, cajole the audience into placing their name in the duty roster. I have offered extra apple strudels - to be made by dessert feries presumably - to those that attend to certain tasks not once but twice a week. So there is fun to be had.

I arrived on 14th March and am booked to leave on 29th March. But as I am on sabbatical with no responsibilities back home in South Africa I will most likely extend my visit. Yoga is done in our rooms each morning and rounds start at 07:20 and end 11:20 and then again at 16:20 and end 18:30. Between rounds we have lunch, walk and talk and an afternoon meeting with recitations from 12:00 until 15:30 and then similarly from 19:00 until 21:30 in the evening. The program is wonderful, and they have converted large suites into a series of flying halls. To date there are sidhas, TM teachers and Purusha here. When I arrived there were 25 and within a week 50 and soon more will arrive. To add to this, the world peace assembly will include meditators who will have their own tailored program designed and managed for them. And brilliantly there is an express TM-Sidhi course from 16th April, where all the Sidhis will be taught within 4 weeks. So this will make the numbers explode. We are working with the groups in the Ukraine and in Russia and have daily Zoom calls with these groups chaired by Prime Minister Bevan Morris.

The food! The most important! After a very practical start our coherence seems to have allowed the food to take a stratospheric step in the right direction and we are all - as a group - delighted - perhaps over the moon - with every meal and have all taken the time to make suggestions on what dishes work and of course have insisted on dessert options! This is gently brokered to the chef on duty by the international relations and diplomacy extraordinaire Adela Herea the course manager. To our collective applause.

I am so happy to be here. It is just awash with the Vedic knowledge of Guru Dev passed to us through Maharishi. People as young as 25 and as old as 80 from all over the world are here. And despite a multitude of differences we are all on the same page and deeply bonded by the knowledge and the value of the Absolute.

What a a great joy and delight to be here. Please come and join. Everyone! -- Warren Hammond, Sidha from South Africa

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