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Make a Difference
Join the Peace-creating group in Romania close to Ukraine

International Young Meditors' Course September 2018

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Come and join the Peace Creators at the Black Sea in Romania. Be part of our joyful group, linked with the World Peace Assemblies in Ukraine and Russia.

You will make a difference!

“The appeal is, anything that can be done tomorrow should be done today,
and anything that can be done today should be done now.
One doesn't know what news comes."

—Maharishi, November 19, 2003



Create Peace

Have Fun

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Let Us Be Together and Create Peace
with the intention (Sankalpa) to create a group of 
2,000 Yogic Flyers for this region as soon as possible

We are delighted to announce that the World Peace Assembly in Romania, 
which has been running since March 2022, is continuing. 

Mamaia is both a safe and beautiful beach-side holiday location, with the sea on the east, where we can create a powerful influence of peace near the border of Ukraine. Our hotel facilities include spacious flying halls that we aim to fill to capacity! 


To date, over 300 people from 29 countries have attended this important 
peace-creating assembly. Participants are reporting beautiful experiences, with bubbling bliss and much laughter, while enjoying the profound WPA Programme. 

3-in-1 World Peace Assemblies in Romania, Ukraine, and Russia
A precious highlight of the course is the daily heart-warming experience meetings
with Dr Bevan Morris and our cherished TM-Sidhi Administrators
when the three assemblies connect together as one family.

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“This is a great opportunity to join an important World Peace Assembly that will have a strong coherence-creating influence in a part of the world where it is most needed at this time. All Yogic Flyers who can join this course in Romania should do so, and for as long as possible.” 
Dr Tony Nader (Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam)

Experiences of course participants


“This was one of the most blissful, fun, smooth and enjoyable rounding courses I have ever attended. The location is lovely, the family feeling of meeting with old and new friends is wonderful, and the deep and silent long programme is smooth, effortless and filled with light and bliss. Everyone should come and experience this.”   —Diana Leighton, UK

“I have been on many TM courses, retreats and residence courses, but none came close to the 3-in-1 World Peace Assembly in Romania. The deepest and most powerful programme I have ever experienced, and pure bliss and joy radiating from all the course participants. Find a way to get there—you will love it!"   —Carlos Cervantes, Portugal


"During flying I felt a gentle tide of giggling wash over me. This giggling grew more and more exhilarating and then the flood gates opened. I fell over on the foam and was left stranded in wave after wave of inescapable laughter, bliss and joyful tears. A light, easy, smooth and blissful feeling lasted long after the program and into bedtime, and I was still laughing as I fell asleep."  —Warren Hammond, South Africa

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Help to expand the WPA in Romania

If you cannot participate in the World Peace Assembly
please donate and help others to come


♥ Thank you ♥
dear precious donors of the past, present and future

WPA Romania Group

Jai Guru Dev


Course location

Hotel Marié (accommodation) and Hotel Richmond (group practice), Mamaia, Romania


  • WPA Romania in Mamaia: now until 30. June 2022

  • Pre-registration for WPA Romania during July and August, and beyond, is now possible (location to be finalized) 

  • Meditators can now pre-register for an intensive 1-month TM-Sidhi course, July-August period (location and exact date to be finalized)


Apply here

Housing & food

For WPA: €50/day
Some scholarship available on request



Non-refundable down-payment of €50. Click here to go to the payment details


Your support is most welcome, see details here:


You will find travel, health, communication, hotel, and other information on the website

Tat Sannidhau Vairatyagah

“In the vicinity of Yoga (the experience of the Transcendental Consciousness, the Unified Field) hostile, conflicting tendencies are eliminated.”

– Yoga Sutra 2.35

Here you will find the frequent answers and questions about this event, like:

  • How do I get from the Bucharest Airport to Mamaia?

  • Are there Covid-19 restrictions in Romania?

  • How do I pay?

  • What should I take with me to the course? 

Explore the hotel virtually and see how it looks (interior and exterior), see how your room will look like, and know all the information that you need to know about your accommodation.

News & Updates

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Group of Yogic Flyers in Ukraine

Group of Yogic Flyers in Russia

Group of Yogic Flyers in Romania

Creating an influence of invincibility and peace from within with their extended practice of the Transcendental Meditation Technique and the TM-Sidhi-Programme.

These Teachers of Transcendental Meditations and practitioners of the TM-Sidhi-Programme are enlivening the unified field of consciousness and radiate harmony and peace in society.

See photos of past events at Piccadilly Mamaia: Romanian World Peace Assembly (2014 and 2022) and International Young Meditators' Course (2018)

Discover more information about Maharishi Vedic Science and Technology, Maharishi Effect on bringing peace to society, and the power of Consciousness.

Image by Mor Shani

Make a Donation

If you can not attend the World Peace Assembly kindly support others to do so with your generous donation. We anticipate that many Meditators and Sidhas from Ukraine may want to join the group, mostly women with their children.

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