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Vedic Wisdom

Rik Veda

Veda Vyasa

Veda Vyasa

Meet together, speak together
Let your minds be of one accord
As the Devas of old, being of one mind
Accepted their share of sacrifice

May your counsel be common, your assembly common
Common be the mind and the thoughts of these united
A common purpose do I lay before you
And worship with your common oblation.

Let your aims be common
And your hearts of one accord
And all of you be one mind
So you may live well together

–Rig-Veda, Tenth Mandala, 191 (last hymn)

Yoga Sutra

Maharishi Patanjali


Tat Sannidhau Vairatyagah

“In the vicinity of Yoga (the experience of the Transcendental Consciousness, the Unified Field) hostile, conflicting tendencies are eliminated.”

– Yoga Sutra 2.35

Maharishi Vedic Science and Technology


Mahesh Yogi

​"In the vicinity of group flying it was found that in the  neighbourhood a quality of coherence, harmony, and soothing influence is generated. This is from the Vedic point of view: Tat sannidhau vairatyagah. ... Anyone who comes in the environment begins to feel soothed, begins to feel harmonious, loses his angry nature, becomes more loving, more compassionate, more harmonious with others, friendliness grows. In the social term, they call it: 'citizenship' - 'good citizenship'. That means living together in harmony, not in discord, not in negativity, not in suffering, not in conflicts, but in harmony with each other.

“Scientists looked into the brain functioning. How does the brain function when the [Yoga] Sutras are practised? They found increased coherence – that every single individual brain of the Flyer creates more coherent waves. Then they found these coherent waves, because they are waves, they don’t remain restricted to the brain physiology of the brain. They extend out, and this is that coherence that is expressed in the environment.

“So, now our call is in terms of this coherent national consciousness. In other words, harmony. Harmony means problem-free state, problem-free, no problem can disturb its integrity. This is Invincibility. Now, in one word, we want to create invincible world consciousness. And invincible world consciousness will be a feature, Invincible World Consciousness will be a feature. 

-- 4 April 2005

Maharishi is asked what does a group of Yogic Flyers do?

22nd of July, 1993


Reporter: Explain simply what it is the group (of Yogic Flyers) do when they assemble and how it translates into the product that the statistics have shown?


Maharishi: It is a very intelligent question. What this program of Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi's (including Yogic Flying) does is it takes the mind to the self-referral state of consciousness which is the simplest state of consciousness and makes the conscious mind operate on that level and this level of reality is the most basic level. So enlivening this most basic level of life it nourishes all the other levels of life... Maharishi: talk in terms of the scientific language it is nourishing from the level of the Unified Field.


John Hagelin then explains the Unified Field how it is possible that a group of people practicing Yogic Flying can influence society. This video was from the 22nd of July, 1993 when more than 4000 experts in Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying assembled in Washington DC to demonstrate what a "Group for a Government" could achieve. In this one month period crime decreased by an incredible 23 percent. The local police were very impressed and said prior to the assembly that this would only be possible if there a "blizzard in the middle of July!"

“What is needed is a sincere resolution that we are going to make our world free from suffering, we are going to adopt means and measures which will do this thing as soon as possible. And when we start our effort — help comes, and help comes, and help comes, and our purpose gets accomplished. We are standing for the most laudable aspiration that the world has ever known. We are rising to eliminate suffering.”

-- Maharishi, Olympic Valley (fka Squaw Valley), USA -- August 29, 1968

One Unbounded Ocean of Consciousness

Dr Tony Nader.jpg

Dr. Tony Nader

“Fear is born of duality,” says the Veda. When you have two forces, the possibility of one taking over, or removing some benefit from the one and shifting it to the other, or diminishing or even destroying the other - is always there. Whenever there are two, they can clash. Even within one’s own individuality, intellect can be in contention with the heart; feelings or deep emotions may very well vie with reason for domination, or selfish desires battle against duty or responsibility. 

When people identify with a specific, limited sense of I-me-mine, with a particular set of qualities, there will always be “the other,” who has different boundaries and characteristics, yet often also driven by their own narrow self-interest. This duality always holds the seeds of fear and hostility, and thus the potential for conflict and even violence. 

How do we eliminate the “other?” We don’t want or need to do anything on the surface. Rather, what is called for is a transformation in ourselves, and in our way of perceiving others, such that we come to know the unity that underlies our surface differences, that runs deeper than our world views and preferences, even our disagreements - and reveals that deep down, we are the other – that we are everything, the totality. That sounds like a very lofty, idealistic notion, an intellectual construct that can never work in real life. And in truth it will never work to simply think or say or try to believe that you are the other, and everyone is the Unified Field – because you wake up in the morning, you look in the mirror, you find yourself face-to-face with the boundaries of your individuality, and this is who you naturally think you are.

To know who we most deeply are is crucial to all potential solutions for our world. It’s important because who we really are is the unbounded pure Being within the self, pure Consciousness. This self-understanding and self-definition transcends all the limited identifications with one’s religion or race, gender or belief, and sets us all on an equal footing, in whatever way we may conceive or express it - universal citizens of the world, children of God, members of one inclusive family.

Excerpt from Dr. Tony Nader's book: "One Unbounded Ocean of Consciousness

Simple Answers to The Big Questions in Life"

Media Reports 


Toby Moore.jpg

Tobi Moore

Are we merely floating through space on a rock in which powerful forces dominate us and leave us powerless to pursue our destiny? Do our thoughts matter? Do our actions matter? Do our words matter? Do our intentions matter? Are we just a number? Do we have any responsibility for the events that happen all around us? Do we affect people around us and the decisions they make? Do we affect the decisions of people in our proximity with whom we’ve never had any interaction at all, people we’ve never met?
Have you ever heard of The Maharishi Effect? The Maharishi Effect was first observed scientifically in the early 1970s. Since then, hundreds of scientific studies have been conducted in over 200 universities in more than 30 countries worldwide. The results from dozens of these studies are published in many peer-reviewed scientific journals.

The Maharishi Effect got its name from the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who developed a popularized form of meditation called Transcendental Meditation known today as TM. TM has been described as religious by some and non-religious by others. The Maharishi became famous in the west for hanging out with The Beatles and other celebrities.

Before we get too deep, although I have practiced a couple of different meditation forms, I have never practiced TM, nor am I promoting it. My chief interest is in the power of human consciousness, and my studies have led me to this topic which I must admit; I find it fascinating.

Simply put, The Maharishi Effect happens when a group of people comes together to practice group meditation; during the window of time the meditation transpires, crime, violence, and hospitalization rates decline by 16-25%.

One well-known scientific study on The Maharishi Effect took place in Washington D.C. from June 7th to July 31st, 1993, with up to 4000 TM practitioners. In a city with about 1.5 Million, this was far less than 1% of the population of D.C.

A 27-member Project Review Board comprising independent scientists and leading citizens approved the research protocol and monitored the research process.

The head of the study Dr. John Hagelin, who I must credit for providing much of the information in this article, hypothesized that there would be a 20% reduction in crime due to meditation.
Before the study began, the Chief of Police reportedly said, “It would take a foot of snow in June to reduce the crime rate by 20%”, but he allowed his department to participate in the experiment by collecting and analyzing the data.

The crime dropped by an astonishing 23.3%. The study was published in Social Indicators Research in June of 1999. There were similar experiments conducted during the Israel-Lebanon war in the 1980s. The study found that when the number of meditators was largest, violence between both sides reduced by about 80%. The study was published in the Journal of Conflict Resolution in December 1988.

The study was so groundbreaking that researchers performed seven more experiments to examine the effects of group meditation on the Israel-Lebanon war over the next two years.
The studies revealed that when the size of the group reached a certain threshold, there was a significant reduction in violence. They also found that people in the vicinity of such a meditating group experienced physiological changes, increased coherence, reduced plasma cortisol, increased blood levels of serotonin, biochemical changes, and neurophysiological changes, almost as if they were meditating themselves.

When taken together, the likelihood that reductions in violence were coincidental was less than one part in 10 million million million.

What did the Maharishi say about this? “We know, if we drop a stone in a pond, the ripples begin to move, and they move over the whole pond, reaching all the extremities. One slight stir in any part of the pond stirs the entire pond. It influences the entire field of water and its surroundings. Similarly, by every thought, word, and action, every individual sets forth influence in their surroundings, and that influence is not restricted to any boundaries. It goes on and reaches every level of creation.”

Next time you feel helpless and insignificant, I hope this helps you understand that you have great power over your surroundings, maybe more than any of us can even comprehend.

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