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WPA Russia - Experiences and Gratitude


"Participating in the Assembly in Russia, I feel surrounded by the love and support of our entire close-knit TM-Sidha family and also involved in the important work necessary to create coherence in this difficult time for everyone. And, of course, I get deep rest to support all aspects of my life. I urge all TM Teachers and Sidhas to participate in the Assemblies as much as possible – life will become better, easier and more happier." — Lyudmila, Kursk Russia

"... there is no better way to feel what we are doing here - creating world peace. On the Assembly the days are very, very busy ... wonderful flying, powerful lectures. I am having new experiences that undoubtedly have a beneficial effect on my programs.  During these days, three wonderful celebrations have been held, with delicious homemade cakes and songs! Their bright and cheerful images will remain with me for the rest of my life, thank you very much! Jai Guru Dev" — Alexander, Moscow Russia

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"Several days have passed since I left the World Peace Assembly in Russia, but the state of soul flight and inner delight does not leave! Thank you so much for this opportunity to spend these 14 days - not between the refrigerator and the TV, but in a circle of amazing and bright people, practicing Maharishi’s programs. Group program and listening to the lectures of the great Maharishi gave such a positive charge and a feeling of happiness and inner comfort. The WPA is a good place, well-organized, a warm welcome of like-minded people - everything has contributed to the overall mood. " — Elena, Izhevsk Russia

"My experience on the WPA in Russia is unprecedented depth of immersion during meditation and the TM-Sidhi program, both at the level of the mind and at the level of the body. The mind dives so deeply and quickly, as if you are diving deep under the water, and then suddenly it is replaced by absolute silence.  At the same time comes the deepest relaxation in the body." — Yuliya, Rostov Russia

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