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“Many thanks to our sponsors for this opportunity to be at the assembly, to meditate, to be in the programs. I would like the assembly to continue, as long as possible, to share this peace with the whole world, enjoying the programs and being in the field of coherence.  The Peace Assembly is the most auspicious place on earth!!! Jai Guru Dev” — Sereda Elina, Sidha 5 years, Ukraine

WPA Ukraine - Experiences and Gratitude

"I have a great time at the assembly. Even though I have to do translations almost every day, I feel enough energy to take full part in programs and other activities, which definitely promote my growth. So I am very grateful for this tremendous opportunity!"  — Andrii Baiev, Ukraine

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“I have been at the World Assembly in Ukraine for more than three months.
It is a great happiness to have the opportunity to be in the TM-Sidhi group programs during military operations, to be able to bring harmony, and invincibility to your family, for your country. Deep experiences of higher states of consciousness, happiness, energy, inspiration to live, to create - all these thanks to the knowledge that Maharishi gave us.
Huge thanks to everyone involved in this amazing project! Jai Guru Dev
!"  — Veronika, Kyiv 

“I came from Kharkiv, a city that is constantly bombarded. There was no sleep, no rest, constant nerves and stress. Thanks to the programs of the World Peace Assembly, within a week I achieved complete balance and peace within. And it's just amazing and amazing!  Thank you all! Jai Guru Dev!"  — Mikhail Tretyakov, Ukraine

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“Many thanks to the sponsors and organizers for the long-term regular programs, deep experiences, feelings of silence, peace and bliss. Thanks to you, I visited the island of Paradise. Jai Guru Dev"  — Andrey, Ukraine

“I am glad to take an active part in the World Peace Assembly. I thank everyone - all the organizers for the harmonious space, for the deep program, and for the training that allowed me to realize my experience. I thanks for the favorable conditions which allows us to receive a deep experience of transcending.
Special thanks to Larissa for the delicious food. With love and gratitude!!!"  — Elena, Ukraine 

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“After a two-month stay in the zone of active hostilities, it was at the World Peace Assembly that I felt how the tension was gradually easing from me. For the first week, the war was still in my dreaming every night, but as the second week passed the dreams became very kind, bright, and rich. I wish you all Peace and Harmony through Maharishi's technologies of consciousness"  — Elena, Ukraine

“Gratitude to all participants for creating the coherent atmosphere and for everyone's tenderness. For lectures by Maharishi and meetings with Dr Bevan Morris and his comments on the experiences of the participants, I have such a lot of impressions, new emotions, and feelings. Thank you all for organizing the Assembly of Peace and Love."  — Irina, Ukraine

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“I want to express my gratitude to the organizers, Alice and Larisa, for the perfectly organized Akshaya Tritiya celebration at the World Peace Assembly. For providing beautiful outfits for women and a wonderful photo shoot!!! And also I express my gratitude for everything for the atmosphere of warmth and responsiveness."  — Oksana, Ukraine

“I have been at the World Peace Assembly for three months already, I came from the city of Nikolaev. Every day is a new experience, every day a new experience. I thank the organizers and sponsors for the great opportunity to be in the deep programs of TM and TM-Sidhi. Jai Guru Dev"  — Braga, Ukraine

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“From different cities across Ukraine we send our love and appreciation!”


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