How do I get from Bucharest airport to the Hotel in Mamaia?

To get from the Bucharest Aeroport Henri Coanda to the Sulina or Piccadilly Hotel in Mamaia you have two options:

  1. by a combination of train and taxi (least costly, 3.5 to 4 hours, changing trains and boarding a taxi) 

  2. by car/minibus directly from the airport to the Hotel entrance (2.5 hours)


Solo travelers may want to take the train to save money, however if you travel in a group of 3 or more (recommended) you may want to use the direct service with car/minibus.


  1. Train (the timetable you find here:

  • First, from the airport, you find the train station at Arrivals

  • Take a train to Gara de Nord in Bucharest, where you can board a train to Constanta. The trains to Gara de Nord run every 40 minutes and the journey is about 20 minutes.

  • The ticket costs RON 4.60, less than € 1. But better buy a ticket directly to Constanta and thus avoid queuing in Bucharest.


  • Second, from Gara de Nord take a train to Constanta. They leave Bucharest practically every hour at 30 minutes past the hour and the journey takes about 2 hours. Cost: RON 30.30 to 59.60, max. about € 12.


  • Third, once in Constanta train station you have these three options:

  • By Bolt or Uber from Constanta to Sulina or Piccadilly Hotel, Mamaia (RON 40 / € 8-10).
    If you are familiar with phone apps, Bolt or Uber are a safe way to get to the hotel. You can find them in the app store of your phone. And is easy to register. With the app you can order a car to take you from exactly where you are and bring you to the hotel. It shows you the price before ordering, the car number and driver's name. You pay by card or cash. These apps require internet to work.

  • By Bus 23 from Constanta to Mamaia - not available at night
    Get a ticket from the Ticket Station. There you can ask where the bus station is for Bus Nr. 23 to Mamaia. You can ask the driver to kindly let you off the bus near Hotel Sulina or Hotel Piccadilly, otherwise you can get off the bus at “Andrei Saguna” Station (4 minutes walking distance to the hotel). Cost for a ticket is RON 9 / € 2

  • By Taxi from Constanta to Sulina or Piccadilly hotel.

  • Show the driver a piece of paper on which you have written:

  • Cost should be max. RON 50 / € 10. During the night prices are higher. Especially at night they may refuse to take you if you are not willing to pay more. In that case, please phone me at +40 742 371 895 and I shall ring the Police and say there is somebody in Constanta wishing to go to Hotel Sulina or Hotel Piccadilly in Mamaia to help Ukrainians and taxis refuse to take the person. Police answer at 112.


   2. Car/minibus

  • Our Romanian organizers recommend a company that brings you from the airport to your hotel entrance. For this get in touch with
    Florin Urziceanu

    by phone +40 744 250 133  or 

  • He will arrange your transport to the Hotel. Florin is a very reliable meditator and fluent in English.  He uses Auto Clasa Lux and has good rates.

  • The cost for a medium sized car is RON 500 / € 100 and for a larger car (usually a VW Passat) RON 600 / € 122. This car can seat 3 persons with large luggage, or 4 with small luggage. The company has also minibuses for 7 persons at a cost of RON 1'000. You pay the driver in cash. Invoice will be issued when required.


  • Good alternative: Direct-Aeroport is offering a private shuttle bus from Henri Coanda International Airport (Bucharest) to Constanța.

  • Reservation can be made by phone, at +40 731 503 503, by e-mail at and directly on their website.


World Peace Assembly COVID-19 rules

In the interest of the course participants and the coherence you are creating together we decided to adopt the following COVID 19 policy for the World Peace Assembly:

  • New arrivals should wear a mask and do not mix with the group until they are tested

  • All new arrivals to the course location will be tested with an antigen test

  • We recommend that the participants already on the course also take a test

  • The cost of the test is only € 2.50 and can be paid on arrival. The tests will be provided by the course organizers

  • Disinfectants are available at the hotel entrance, the entrance to the flying rooms, and the dining room

  • Wear a mask in public areas, like corridors, elevator, lobby, etc.

  • Wear a mask while queuing for meals

  • Wear a mask during meetings

  • Use hand sanitizers frequently

  • Wherever possible keep social distance

  • Do your program in the room and just come for flying to the halls

  • Go back to the room for resting

  • Everyone who feels any symptoms should stay in the room and should report it to his/her buddy or to the course leader

All these measures are for our safety and to ensure that we can hold a large TM-Sidhi course. We encourage you to apply them.

Country rules on COVID-19


Romanian authorities have lifted all international and domestic COVID-19-related measures effective March 9.

Domestic Measures
All domestic measures, including restrictions on gatherings, limited opening hours for the hospitality industry, and the requirement to show proof of vaccination to enter nonessential businesses, have been lifted. The Romanian Ministry of Health continues to advise that individuals continue to follow social distancing measures, wear a facemask while in crowded public spaces, and self-isolate following a positive test.

International Travel Restrictions
Unrestricted international entry into Romania has resumed, with travelers permitted to enter the country without any testing or vaccination requirements. The necessity to complete a passenger locator form is no longer in effect.


Authorities could reimpose or otherwise amend any restrictions with little-to-no notice depending on disease activity over the coming weeks.

Follow all official instructions. Abide by national health and safety measures. Reconfirm all travel arrangements. Consider delaying traveling if experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19, as they may prompt increased scrutiny and delays. Liaise with trusted contacts for further updates and guidance. Maintain contact with your diplomatic representation. Ensure contingency plans account for further disruptive measures or extensions of current restrictions.

What to take with you

As of this writing (6 April 2022) we have entered the spring season with temperatures between 5-10° C in the night and to 12-23° C during the day.

Please bring with you:

  • warm clothing

  • windbreaker (being near the sea, it can be very windy)

  • warm meditation shawl

  • your Yoga mat


  • If you have special medical needs, we advice you to take the medicine with you.

  • Health insurance that covers you at the course location

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Laundry service

Hotel Piccadilly: every Wednesday evening at 19:30 a company comes to collect the laundry. If you wish to use their service, please bring your laundry in a bag to the reception. Don't forget to put a paper inside with your name and room number.

Gluten-free food

Course participant Marek Lorys writes: The supermarket nearby has a gluten-free section.