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Written by Chih-chieh In the Romanian World Peace Assembly, I got to know many beautiful people from different countries, including Natasha and her adorable 10-year-old daughter Polina. Natasha was born in Moldova and later moved to Ukraine. She learned TM and TM-Sidhi at the age of 16, and joined the Mother Divine program from age 21 to 25 and completed one and half years of phases 1 and 2 of the TM Teacher Training Course. Later she married to Aleksandr, who has been a TM teacher since 1998.

Aleksandr was assigned by Maharishi to manage the Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture farm in Ukraine with 50,000 hectares of land from 2003 to 2009. He was the National Director of Ukraine from 2012 to 2013.

When the war started, Natasha could feel the pains and stresses of the people around her. “People said the bombs were raining in the city, and you have nowhere and no time to run,” she said. Natasha didn’t want to leave, until the invading troop was only 10 km from her town. She was thinking of going to Poland, but then got into a bus to Romania, and left Ukraine with Polina, their cat, and a few luggages. Immediately after arriving in Romania, her friend told her that she should go to the WPA, and she has been in the Romanian WPA ever since.

What they left behind were not only their home, belongings, relatives, friends, and their homeland, but the pillar of their family, Aleksandr. As a TM teacher, Aleksandr loves peace, but he said to Natasha, “Just like Lord Krishna told Arjuna to fight on the battlefield, I felt I have to fight, not for being aggressive or killing, but to save my country.”

In the first two weeks of joining the WPA, Natasha still felt quite stressed and anxious. She was worried about her relatives, friends, her homeland, and most importantly, her husband on the battlefield. “I don’t know if I can talk to them the next day,” she said. But with the profound meditations and the blissful group atmosphere of the WPA, her anxiety gradually faded, and she felt more relaxed, peaceful, and happy.

Often we saw Polina playing around in the garden, either alone or with other children. She has the exceptional calm and joyful nature typically found in the children who grew up in a TM environment. “I feel I need to be stable and settled, so that Polina will not feel anxious,” Natasha said.

Natasha chats with Aleksandr on the battlefield from time to time, and it makes Aleksandr feel relieved to see that Natasha and Polina are well and happy.

With the help of some very kind ladies, the application of their visas for the UK is in process. Once it’s approved, they will be able to live in the Maharishi Ideal Village in Skelmersdale, and Polina can go to Maharishi School. “It’s like dreams come true to be able to live in the Vastu house in the Sidha community and fly in the Dome every day,” Natasha said.

Now day by day, we are seeing more smiling faces of Natasha. Just like the war has completely changed her life, the WPA has completely transformed her life.

But the real peace for her country is yet to come; only then can she be with her husband Aleksandr again.

Let’s Create Peace and End This War, and Reunite Natasha and Aleksandr and Other Affected Families with Maharishi’s Scientifically Proven Technologies!
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