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GoFundMe Update
from Dr. John Hagelin


New TM meditators in Moscow, May 2022


Dr. John Hagelin, National Director, U.S. TM Organization; President, Maharishi International University; and International President, Global Union of Scientists for Peace writes:

Increased Coherence, Increased Hope

Help Support Peace-Creating Groups for
Ukraine, Russia & Romania


Dear Friends,

Thank you for your continuing support for our peace-creating groups in Ukraine, Russia, and Romania.

Your contributions have made—and will continue to make—a difference!

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During the past eight weeks, over 700 participants have gathered together in World Peace Assemblies in these countries to awaken the deep silence and powerful coherence of the field of Transcendental Consciousness and to learn advanced programs to accelerate the influence of harmony in the region. Here are three signs of rising coherence:

  • TM-Sidhi® training: In the past month, over 230 people have taken the advanced TM-Sidhi course.

  • TM courses in Ukraine: In the last two weeks, over 250 people have learned the TM technique throughout Ukraine.

  • TM courses in Russia: In the last few weeks, over 1,400 people have learned the TM technique in Russia, and nearly 1,000 more have signed up to learn in the coming weeks—a sharp increase from the preceding months. 

As Raja Bjarne Landsfeldt, International Director of the TM program in Russia, commented: “More people have learned TM over the past weeks than we would normally have taught in almost three years! What a tremendous response from the collective consciousness. This is what the enlivenment of consciousness creates through these ongoing World Peace Assemblies.”

World Peace Assembly participants are also gaining inspiring knowledge and experience in their own lives. Dr. Bevan Morris and Drs. Eckart and Lila-Maria Stein, beloved leaders and teachers in the international TM organizations, have been meeting with the Assemblies every day, and participants are reporting profound experiences during their TM-Sidhi program and in activity. Here is how one woman describes her experience:

“I have a constant feeling of tremendous inner strength, even invincibility, throughout my entire physiology and at the level of each individual cell. It is as if the whole body ‘breathes’ with strength. It is a great feeling of inner peace, perfect balance, and bliss. The world around us feels like it’s changing, becoming surcharged with peace and happiness.”

Some participants have had to return to their families and work, but many others have pledged to continue on the World Peace Assemblies as long as funding is available:

  • Ukraine: 50 will continue until June 30.

  • Russia: 80 will continue until June 30, then more during the summer.

  • Romania: 100 or more is the goal until June 30 and beyond.



I hope you can help us raise the additional funds right away so we can commit to sustaining these peace-creating groups at least through June. We will continue all of these courses as long as funds are available.

My deepest thanks for your ongoing support to help facilitate a peaceful, diplomatic resolution to the conflict in Ukraine.

John Hagelin, Ph.D.
National Director, U.S. TM Organization
President, Maharishi International University
International President, Global Union of Scientists for Peace

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