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Gerard Morris (Canada) writes:

We have arrived at the New Istanbul Peace Palace, an architectural oasis in a dynamic, world class city. As we arrive, the first Ukraine ship almost follow us down the Bosporus to bring food to the world.
Calmed and refreshed as we step beyond the entrance gate, we are graciously invited to a a gourmet extravaganza. After the airport delays and the challenges of travel, and what seemed like some cosmic battle to get here, 🤔 we sat in the finely appointed dining hall in bliss and were fully satiated. We just enjoyed looking at each other in this profoundly happy silence and light chit chat. We each seemed to have our own version of the same comment: "This is what heaven must be like!"
We look forward to our WPA from this powerfully silent and coherent building and being nurtured by this gracious hospitality.
Come one and come all and join us for historic time of transition in world consciousness!

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