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Join the Peace-creating group in Romania close to Ukraine

International Young Meditors' Course September 2018

Increase our peace-creating efforts in Romania, Russia, and Ukraine


Special announcement for the course in Romania


  • Yogic Flyers from around the world are invited to join the World Peace Assembly now

  • Practitioners of Transcendental Meditation are encouraged to learn the TM-Sidhi Programme on a one-month course, starting 16 April 2022

  • Meditators are welcome to attend the Transcendental Meditation Residence Course now
    See details below

“What is needed is a sincere resolution that we are going to make our world free from suffering, we are going to adopt means and measures which will do this thing as soon as possible. And when we start our effort — help comes, and help comes, and help comes, and our purpose gets accomplished. We are standing for the most laudable aspiration that the world has ever known. We are rising to eliminate suffering.”

-- Maharishi, Olympic Valley (fka Squaw Valley), USA -- August 29, 1968



Dr. John Hagelin, National Director, U.S. TM Organization; President, Maharishi International University; and International President, Global Union of Scientists for Peace writes:

There are now three World Peace Assemblies for those who practise the advanced TM-Sidhi programme, with 50 in the mountains of Western Ukraine, 170 in Russia, and 70 in Romania, which shares a 614 km-long border with Ukraine. Travel restrictions and dangerous conditions make it difficult for more volunteers to join in Ukraine, but the numbers in Russia and Romania are increasing.

All WPA participants are safe and practising the TM-Sidhi programme comfortably, awakening the deep silence and coherence of the field of Transcendental Consciousness for themselves and their countries.

To have the maximum calming impact, research shows that peace-creating groups should be the square root of 1% of a population. We believe that building toward this number—700 in Ukraine, 1,200 in Russia, and 500 in Romania —will help to reduce tensions and enable a peaceful resolution.


Course participants from Romania invite you to join them and write

  • “Take your chance for rapid growth to Enlightenment.”

  • “The world has never needed you more than at this moment in time. And you have the most perfect opportunity to create coherence and peace for yourself and for the world—to be a blessing to yourself and to the world. Meditators are invited to attend the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi course. Currently at our location in Romania there is a group of Purushas, TM Teachers, and Sidhas all practising their programme daily in groups.”

  • “To learn the TM-Sidhis, to participate with the existing group, to make a meaningful impact to coherence and peace, and to remove stress from the world, is a rare and cherished opportunity to be seized, to be enjoyed, and to be celebrated.”

  • “Meditators of the world, become Sidhas now in one month at the peace-creating assembly in Romania.”

  • “This is the most warm-hearted atmosphere I have experienced. Please join us!”
    Olga, Ukraine 

  • “The programme is experienced as crystal clear, bright, awake, and very deep and joyful at the same time.” -- Doina, Vienna


We look forward to welcoming many more Meditators, Sidhas, and TM Teachers to join our efforts to create a strong influence of coherence and peace in the region through our group programme.

Jai Guru Dev

Your Romania WPA-Organizers Team

Tat Sannidhau Vairatyagah

“In the vicinity of Yoga (the experience of the Transcendental Consciousness, the Unified Field) hostile, conflicting tendencies are eliminated.”

– Yoga Sutra 2.35


Course location

World Peace Assembly: Hotel Piccadilly or another hotel in Mamaia, Romania
TM-Sidhi Course: Hotel Sulina International, Mamaia, Romania



  • World Peace Assembly, until 20. May 2022

  • TM-Sidhi Course, 15. April – 15. May 2022 (these are the arrival and departure dates) *

  • TM Residence Course: until 20. May 2022

* TM-Sidhi Course: It is strongly recommended to attend the full 1-month course.

However, if time does not allow, it is possible to attend only the first 2 weeks from 15. April - 30. April (the full course fee applies). The Yogic Flying block (2 weeks in residence) can then be taken at a later date.

Rising Sidhas (i.e. those who are just missing the Yogic Flying block) can attend the second 2 weeks from 30. April - 15. May 2022.


Course fees

  • World Peace Assembly, no course fee

  • TM-Sidhi Course: same course fee as in your country

  • TM Residence Course: no course fee

Housing & food

For WPA: €30/day
For TM-Sidhi Course: twin-bed room €33, single room €53
Scholarship available (if you are committing yourself for up to two hours of work support per day)



Klick here to go to the payment details


Your support is most welcome, see details here:



You will find travel, health, communication, hotel, and other information on the website https://www.world-peace-assembly.com/faq

Here you will find the frequent answers and questions about this event, like:

  • How do I get from the Bucharest Airport to Hotel Piccadilly in Mamaia?

  • Are there Covid-19 restrictions in Romania?

  • How do I pay?

  • What should I take with me to the course? 

Explore the hotel virtually and see how it looks (interior and exterior), see how your room will look like, and know all the information that you need to know about your accommodation.

  • 160 rooms (40 rooms available for WPA from 1-20 May)

  • fresh vegetarian meals 

  • Free wi-fi

  • Silence & relaxation 

News & Updates

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Group of Yogic Flyers in Ukraine

Group of Yogic Flyers in Russia

Group of Yogic Flyers in Romania

Creating an influence of invincibility and peace from within with their extended practice of the Transcendental Meditation Technique and the TM-Sidhi-Programme.

These Teachers of Transcendental Meditations and practitioners of the TM-Sidhi-Programme are enlivening the unified field of consciousness and radiate harmony and peace in society.

See how was the past events at Piccadilly Mamaia: Romanian World Peace Assembly (2014) and International Young Meditators' Course (2018)

Discover more information about Maharishi Vedic Science and Technology, Maharishi Effect on bringing peace to society, and the power of Consciousness.

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Make a Donation

If you can not attend the World Peace Assembly kindly support others to do so with your generous donation. We anticipate that many Meditators and Sidhas from Ukraine may want to join the group, mostly women with their children.